What would you like? Just ask me!

Here at rare pear studio, the aim is to make your heart happy with some visual loveliness. I love a bit of whimsy and colour, but I also love natural tones and pastels... and I know lots of other people do too. 


Because I work on paper, and spend time lovingly creating each artwork, it is no problem for me to tweak things a bit.  Is there a special request? Another size or colour way you would prefer? Lettering or other personalisation to make it JUST FOR YOU or someone else you LOVE?

Or perhaps there is something special that you would like to see me do?

Please contact rare pear studio - commissions are one of my specialties!


I have done headers for blogs, large maps, portraits, abstracts, logos, designed invitations, naming day banners, and painted special cards, all manner and types of cool things!

I have worked for and collaborated with businesses, government departments, councils, schools, personal and private clients, other artists and photographers and  social media entrepreneurs... from things big and small! 

I work in many mediums apart from watercolour, including ink, gouache, collage , acrylic and photography. Even the occasional canvas.


I also provide bricks and mortar shops, as well as other online  gift websites with my products, and am available for wholesale enquiries. 


I  also host creative workshops, all over the place! Are you a venue or shop looking to value add to your customers experience?  Well ... workshops are a great way of doing that.

 So please, if you like what you see, let me know and we can chat.

 Looking forward to hearing from you!

Shani x